Silent Socialism: Western Socialism
Communism and Socialism were emerged in the West. However, Westerners so far have not been able to develop communist or socialist systems; modern Western states are considered to be based on capitalism or liberalism. Yet, it is not correct to say that there are no socialist or communist traits in the Western political systems. Whatsoever, the world regards Western states more as liberal than socialist or communist. Apparently, the East has shown more interest to experience Communism and Socialism than the West; an experience that has discredited not only communist and socialist systems but also has challenged these two Western ideologies. Certainly, one of the main reasons for the failure of the so-called communist or socialist systems in the East was that the East did not pass the phases of political development systematically; some Eastern leaders have been moving ahead of their time in launching such systems. The Western experience indicates that as liberalism or capitalism in the West have been more successful than other political systems, one day, socialism too may emerge as a developed political system throughout the West. The process which is developing in the West will minimize the differences between liberalism and socialism. These ideologies will merge to that extent where it may be difficult to distinguish the differences between liberalism and socialism. It seems that Karl Marx's prediction is becoming a reality in the West, as the Western Europe is slowly moving from Capitalism to Socialism. However, it requires time for the most non-Western societies to enter the era of socialism; most of these countries have not yet entered the capitalist phase or are entangled in black capitalism.