Relatively speaking, the nationalistic indoctrination of masses is carried out politically and systematically to benefit the “national interest” as far as the developed world is concerned and to benefit the “ruling class interest” as far as the developing world is concerned. 
Relatively, in the developed world “national interest” has priority over the universal interest and in the developing world the prime concern is “ruling class interest.” 
Internationalism (universal good) has not been started effectively. Our so-called universal rights such as those prescribed by the United Nations are mostly theoretical without effective implementation, because behind the enforcement of these laws there are conflicts of interests.
Global interest, I believe, should start from the developed world, for the developed world is one step ahead of the developing world. The developing world still needs to shift the focus from “ruling class interest” to the “national interest.” Principally, they should experience the second phase, first. 
What prevents us from internationalism is factionalism and nationalism. Nevertheless, it is through nationalism which we may reach internationalism.