As far as the Baloch society of Iran is concerned, no works of such nature has been published so far. Recently a few number of Iranian Baloch writers have published some Balochi stories in Balochi or Farsi languages.Yet, works of the present kind, to this date, have not been available in English language. The art of writing and publishing on Iranian Baloch literature as a cultural or literal activity has not been practiced so far.The present booklet is a work of non-fiction. The main objectives of this work are: first, to introduce the culture of Iranian Baloch to the world. And, second, to use this text for teaching purpose at the English schools, institutes, and universities both in Iran and abroad.This short story also conveys two messages: first, it tells that where there is illiteracy superstations have a strong role to play, and the second message implies that if some tricks are applied appropriately and expediently positive results then may come into light. Apart from sharing the interesting truth in the form of a simple and short story, this non-fiction provides readers with the meanings of some of the terms below each page in the form of footnotes which makes the story easier for the non-English readers. At the end of the present story we deal with “questions for discussion". This is required to improve the speaking skills of those readers whose medium of instruction is not English.

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